Notes From Ol’Salty-Introduction!

Hey Tribe! Looking forward to what lays ahead with American Survivalist Project (ASP). I, along with Amy, will be posting on here reference different topics that are important to us. I came on board to ASP in early 2022 after over 30 years serving the Department of the Army and Emergency Services.

I retired from uniform in 2008, and quickly rolled over to a Department of the Army civilian at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I live in rural North Carolina tucked between Fayetteville and Raleigh. During my entire military career, I also served as a firefighter and rose to the position of Fire Chief.

I am a firm believer in proper planning and rehearsing those plans. Also, doing routine things routinely is extremely important. By doing so, when the shit hits the fan, you are more prepared and better able to control the chaos. You can’t go back and start preparing, its execution time! Teamwork and sharing of knowledge are vital to preparing and surviving in the worst of times.

I know you’ll enjoy our content. Feel free to reach out at

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  1. Will you send a preparedness list “bag” for me 3 review? As well as any knowledge the military and/or civilian gov’t have in place for shelter, etc.
    Thank you for your service to our country now and past. Love our veterans who fought for our hard earned freedoms. We all deserve the rights to privacy, bear arms and protection of our homes and family, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Look forward to more of your tips. Thank Amy 4 both your time. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS. I HOPE YOUR SHARING WILL COME BACK 2 U2 10 FOLD+!

  2. We are a group of three families, and some friends, that were preparing to evacuate to our off grid property at the onset of the Covid pandemic, when there was great concern and mystery about what was really going on. World events, as well as natural phenomena, of late, have us preparing for what seems to be an inevitable collapse of social systems as we know it.

  3. Hi Brent. New to the site and content though I recall seeing this advertised in the recent past. I’d be interested to hear about your plans for staffing this effort. I’m a tradesperson of multiple discipline with 31 years serving the chemical industry. Electrical, mechanical, welding and instrumentation all fall within my skill set. I’d imagine you have aligned with with folks having skilled trades to support the overall efforts. I’m also aware of the shortage of such skills. If your looking for support with one hand washing the other I’d be interested. I’m also a pretty good shot…. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    • Tom, thanks for checking us out! We are currently looking at building out the community through our membership. I know people will bring a wide range of skillsets and backgrounds. As far as full time staffing, I imagine we are going to keep it small at this time and we build out our Regional Centers etc.

      V/r Brent

  4. Hi Brent. My fault as a multitude of skills. Daughter is in medical field and is currently completing more school for further certifications and degrees due to the current possible SHTF scenario.

    Her hubby had mechanical, welding skills etc

    I’m into the gardening, both food and medicinal. Preserving, canning etc.

    In order to properly answer your questions I would require more info. However, I know OPSEC is of utmost importance, so I did the best I could with the info available. I hope our family would meet your requirements!

    Thank you for what you do and for your service. I’m also from a long line of military. I know the sacrifices you and your family made!

    • Hey Sherry, I have been to both Russia and Iceland over the years, but I am happily tucked in rural North Carolina, good old Eastern Time Zone.
      Vr Brent

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