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Amy’s Bugout Bag


My bug out bag

Hey tribe, it’s Amy. Today, I made a video on my bug out bag which you can find via the link above. I thought I’d write up what is covered for those of you who don’t want to watch the video.  

I keep the bag with me in my truck if I’m going out wherever. I try to keep this with me at all times. I’m going to break down what I have in each pocket. Obviously, it doesn’t matter where you put yours, it just is an easy way for me to break up the contents for you.

In the top center pouch I’ve got a generic knot card, a fisherman’s knot guide, glow stick, emergency whistle, and a compass. If you look in the links below, there should be a list to all this stuff if you’re looking for something like these items for your bag. The knot cards are so important because I can’t remember all these knots!

My center pocket contains just a generic first aid kit, a trauma pack by Quick Clot, a multi-tool spork if you will. It’s got different things you can twist and turn bolts, and screws,  plus eat. And then the good old manual can openers, theP-38 and a larger P-52. 

The generic first aid kit contains bandages of different sizes, tongue depressor, some medical tape, pain reliever, et cetera, et cetera. I’ve put a lot of these things in the links below. If you’re interested in picking up something similar to it in the med kit on the front, I probably need to do some more preps.

Please let me know what you think I should add. There are Israeli bandages, pressure bandages, and a variety of different Steri strips, so you can do wound closure. This is the CAT tourniquet and a set of medical shears. They fit in the black pouch on the front of my bag.

The big middle pouch holds onto a watch cap (a winter hat) and some toilet paper. I also keep some tin foil. Tin foil- aluminum foil, I’m dating myself. I have green floral wire that you can use for snares or trying to pull stuff. There is an item by Exotac item that holds tape, and fishing wire.

I’ve got a couple pocket knives, a wire saw. I’ve got a write in the rain notebook with a pen. It’s a little sewing kit down here. I have a little fishing kit. This is another Exotac product. It holds waterproof matches.  I also carry a ferro rod and striker. And I have two different varieties of straws to purify water.

And finally, in the big pocket, I keep a roll of duct tape. I’ve got some emergency candles, some bungee cords, 550 cord, another fixed blade knife that also comes with a firestarter rod, and folding saw. I carry a compact blizzard survival bag as well as a Survival Frog brand bivy sack that you can crawl into.

Maxpedition case
Maxpedition case contents

My expedition case holds a bunch of different ways to start fire. So if worst case, if I had to grab that, I could grab it out of the bag. Here’s the contents of this Max Expedition.

I’ve clipped on just another plastic compass with a temperature gauge, and an emergency poncho. There is a pen light with spare batteries, and a very large ferro rod that comes apart and its striker. This is a mini leatherman Micra tool. This is an emergency signaling mirror. I carry a couple emergency blankets, the foil ones that are very compact. I’ve had to use them once out at the National Training Center. I didn’t really like it, but I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. There are tablets for making potable water, and more matches in a waterproof case. A mini knife sharpener to sharpen all those knives.

Then you’ve got the magnesium fire starter. This black little case is a magnifying strip. And then I have some instant fire starters. You can also make your own. You can do cotton balls dipped in Vaseline and put them in a Ziploc bag to carry. You can use tampons, anything that’s gonna be flammable and readily available.

Well that’s gonna wrap it up, you guys. I hope that’s been helpful. If you have any questions about why I pick some of the items, please let me know in the comments. And if you’re interested in that particular style bag,mine is made by Orca Tactical.  There are a million bags out there. One word of caution- make sure you get a quality bag that’s not going to fall apart on you. And two, my bag with all its contents is pretty heavy. It also has room for a water hydration system. You know, Camelback is a brand, but that kind of reservoir. And finally,  practice with it. Put it on, make sure it’s going to be comfortable.

Go for a walk around the neighborhood or, or whatever, and get used to carrying it. You might figure out other things you need. You may take some stuff out.

Below is a list of the items I carry with links when possible if you wanted to check them out in more detail. Why don’t you let us know what you’re carrying in your go bag!

Go Bag Contents

Top pocket

-emergency whistle                              

-cyalume lightstick                                

-Cammenga Model 27 lensatic compass

-Pro knot and fisherman’s knot cards.  

med pouch                                           

-Israeli bandages                                   

– steri-strips                                           

-CAT Tourniquet and scissors               

-small first aid kit                                  

-quick clot trauma pack                        

Bottom pouch                                                

-Eat’N Tool                                            

-P38 and P51 can openers                    

Middle center pouch

-wire saw                                              

-write in the rain notepad                    

-write in the rain pen                            


-cold weather watch cap                                


-small sewing kit                                   

-Exotac rip spool sewing and tape container

-ferro rod w striker                               

-water filtration straws                         

-small pry bar

-survival fishing kit                                

-small pocket knife

-Large folding knife

-Exotac Matchcap XL                            

Large pocket

-550 cord                                               


-folding Fiskars saw                              

-blizzard survival bag                            

-large Gerber knife w ferro rod

-survival frog bivvy sack                        

-assorted bungy cords                          

-duct tape

-Maxpedition pouch containing:

            -Emergency poncho                  

            -small compass w thermometer

            -signaling mirror                       

            -mini Leatherman

            -pen light                                   

            -potable water purification tabs

            -matches in waterproof case    

            -magnesium fire starter            

            -spare AA batteries for pen light

            -mini knife sharpener               

            -foil emergency blankets          

            -wet fire starter tabs                 

            -Exotac fireRod                         

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