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  • Notes From the North

    Notes From the North

    Amy’s Bugout Bag LINK TO VIDEO Hey tribe, it’s Amy. Today, I made a video on my bug out bag which you can find via the link above. I thought I’d write up what is covered for those of you who don’t want to watch the video.   I keep the bag with me in my […]

  • Notes from Ol’Salty-Hunting

    As the leaf’s turn colors and the cooler air sets in, the hunting season for most species ramps up. It is vital to know and understand the species you plan to hunt, know the local, state, and federal laws surrounding such, and the equipment you will utilize to harvest your game. Know the Species/Game Different […]

  • Notes From the North

    Seasonal Change Hey Tribe, it’s late October and winter preparations are in full swing here in the Upper Peninsula. I apologize for not blogging more, but if you are also following our Facebook page, I’ve been doing more video content. We’ve experienced our first big gale of the season, with rain, sleet, snow, and wind […]

  • Notes from Ol’Salty-Hurricane Ian

    As I sit here starting my day in sunny North Carolina, my mind and thoughts are on all my Tampa brothers and sisters. I have special connections to Tampa. First, USSOCOM Headquaters is location at MacDill AFB in Tampa. I spent over 30 years in US Army under the umbrella of USSOCOM. Many past and […]

  • Notes From The North

    First Aid and Preparedness Dealing with medical emergencies I have been reflecting a lot about first aid and preparedness. I (obviously) live in a very remote area. Our major town is about 40 minutes away under good conditions, and ambulance response can be up to an hour and a half, which can feel like a […]

  • Ol’Salty, The Last 21Years

    Normally I will wake up on the morning of 09-11 and post something on Social Media reference the horrific events on that morning. Today, I sit here and watch some news, scroll through Facebook, Instagram etc. It is flooded with 9-11 stories, clips, and interviews. For me, from actual morning of 09-11-2001 is when my […]

  • Notes From the North

    Reflections on Self Reliance, Humility, and Community Self Reliance Proverbs 15:14 The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly. One of the things I like about the lifestyle I live is that I try to be as self-sufficient as I can. That goes well beyond trying to grow my own […]

  • Notes from Ol’Salty-Hurricane Preparedness

    Hello all…Summer is coming to an end.  For many of us, kids (for me, grandchildren) are back in school, vacations are coming to an end, and nice Fall weather is about to be upon us.  With the end of Summer, unfortunately for those in certain geographical locations, we welcome the start of hurricane season.  Hurricane […]

  • Notes From Ol’Salty-Introduction!

    Hey Tribe! Looking forward to what lays ahead with American Survivalist Project (ASP). I, along with Amy, will be posting on here reference different topics that are important to us. I came on board to ASP in early 2022 after over 30 years serving the Department of the Army and Emergency Services. I retired from […]